About Prostyle Web Design

Prostyle Web Design (PWD) is a small business located in Chino Hills, CA that is driven by changes in technology. We focus on website design, web development, internet branding, marketing, and information technology to help businesses and nonprofits succeed. PWD is the byproduct of an entrepreneur who loves technology, design, and human psychology. By prioritizing research and customer service, PWD creates products that adhere to industry best standards and are user-friendly in design. With PWD, clients get both great products and a great experience.

prostyle web design experience and values

We’re all about providing a great experience.

Prostyle Web Design provides transparency about our processes, consistent communication with our clients, and base our designs on the latest web technologies. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients by dedicating time to understand their personal needs to create a tailor-made solution.

Get to know Prostyle Web Design

prostyle web design service areas

Service areas

We're located in Chino Hills, CA and service the surrounding areas areas:

  •   Los Angeles County
  •   Orange County
  •   Riverside County
  •   San Bernardino County
  •   Anywhere else in the world!

What we offer

Prostyle Web Design offers a variety of services. Here are just a few:

  •   Web design
  •   Website design
  •   Web development
  •   Digital & print design
  •   Information technology (IT)

Who we work with

Prostyle Web Design works with a variety of clientele such as:

  •   Non-profit organizations
  •   Schools and educators
  •   Small businesses
  •   Freelancers
  •   Enterprise
bobby omari photo

Bobby Omari — Owner, Designer, and Developer

Hi! My name is Bobby Omari and I am the owner, designer, and front-end web developer at Prostyle Web Design. I started drawing and sketching at a young age and competed in several local art competitions (winning a few). Growing up, I was heavily interested in computers, both building systems and playing on them. My love of computers, video games, and technology boosted my interest in running my own gaming events called LANs (Local Area Networks). Organizing events helped me boost my digital arts expertise as I had to rely on myself for designing marketing materials, building websites, manage events, and so much more. With the lack of resources I had, I scraped up as much knowledge as I could to do everything myself. During this process, I realized that I could create a great business helping others with these things. I know that technology, computers, and the web are difficult for business and organizations, so I created Prostyle Web Design to help understand business problems and create solutions. In the past 10+ years, I've built skills and knoweldge that help propel my business, but love to share what I know in order to help yours. Thank you for reading and please feel free to reach out to me by contacting us.

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